Hedingham Sidecars Limited

Manufacturers of the Hedingham Sidecar Range and Leading Link Forks


The bodies of all of the Hedingham Range are a combination of aesthetics and practability.  Based on an aerodynamic design, their appeal caters for both the classic and modern enthusiast.

The substantial chassis carries a fibreglass constructed body, offering essential crash resistance with an outstanding fine finish and total absence of body flex.  Considerable time was expended on the practicability of the body design and as a result of this the internal dimensions of the body allow for very generous legroom, and comfortable seating.  The body also accommodates carrying space substantial enough for the most ardent rallyist and long distance tourer.

​The passenger compartment incorporates a moulded seat pan and bulkhead, dashboard and ribbed floor, once again offering practicability and rigidity.  Removable seating allows for easy washing and cleaning.

Technical Information

The Boot lid is attached by two heavy cast aluminium hinges, and secured by lockable catches, and can be used as a luggage rack.

To finish of the Hedingham Single Seat and Gem body, is the screen , available in two lengths, with a Hood or Tonneau available as standard or Double Duck to provide extra protection from all the elements as an optional extra.

Colour matching and graphics are available at an extra cost.

Seat Details

A.     Secret Compartment to store extra tools.

​B.     Top Seat, very rugged ans hard wearing.

​C.     Soft Seat for extra comfort.

D.     Seat Back.


The attachment of the sidecar to the motorcycle is a 21st century interlocking system that can be adjusted in three planes.  The sidecar can also be removed and re-fitted without the need for re-alignment. 


The suspension is totally unique to Hedingham Sidecars and comprises of a steel torsion bar, carried in the cross tube on two steel ball races, providing a maintenance free construction.  Wheel attachment comprises of an 8" fabricated swinging arm and a two bear stub axle.

The torsion bar is adjustable for ride height by means of a splinned cap on its furthest end.


​The chassis design of rigidity and mounting is the basis for perfect steering of a sidecar outfit, as without this strength a motorcycle and sidecar can never be as one.

​The chassis is an immensely strong 'U' shaped steel loop 2" in diameter, braced at the rear by a flat steel plate of 8mm thickness. Two similar bracing strips bridge the loop and act as mounting points for the sidecar body, whilst a large diameter cross tube acts as a carrier for the torsion bar suspension.

Additional rigidity at this crucial point is offered by a further tube from the torsion bar carrier to the front chassis brake, thereby spreading the suspension load.  This also acts as a mounting point for the lower connections to the motorcycle body.

​Extra tubular supports carry the mudguard, footplate, badge bar and spotlight guard.  ​The chassis is available in both British and Continential fitment.