Hedingham Sidecars Limited

Manufacturers of the Hedingham Sidecar Range and Leading Link Forks


Now very much a part of modern outfits.  The original bikes K100 / 75 were the first to rely on a subframe, hence the company jigged up for these still popular bikes, being jigged it enables us to send out to customers and trade, where as other models have to be made and fitted at our works.  

The subframe also enables us to weld to the subframe, which in some cases is preferential so the orginal frame is not altered.

A typical basic subframe including fitting starts at £1,300.00.  Some require similar framework on the opposite side of the bike to help spread the load and for extra support.

We spend a lot of time making sure that the mounting lugs are where they should be and that the subframe is in keeping with the bikes appearance.