Hedingham Sidecars Limited

Manufacturers of the Hedingham Sidecar Range and Leading Link Forks


​All riders of trikes or motorcycles with sidecars attached know the problems inherited with using standard telescopic forks, which have excess trail and insufficient lateral rigidity which manifest through the steering, which is heavy and prone to wobble violently.

Hedingham Sidecars Ltd have overcome these problems with the production of their Leading Link Forks.  The design parallels a proven design which had been accepted for over 30 years in sporting events.

The professional driver requires positive handling and precise steering; these forks also encompass the added advantage of adjustable trail and damper preload to ensure the greatest comfort and security for both driver and pasenger.

Hedingham Sidecars Leading Link Fork systems have been rigorously tested in all conditions, from the deserts in Africa to the Artic Circle.  The durability has also been proven under the extreme demands of competitive sidecar racing.

All of Hedingham Leading Link Forks are supplied with fitting instructions, dampers and relevant bushes.  In all cases the assembly replaces the existing telescopic legs ans utilises the original brake calipers.  All of our forks are accepted by German TUV.

A range of leading link forks are available to fit over 350 different types of motorcycle and trikes and the range is constantly being added to.

Should we not have all the details of file for your particular make of bike/trike, we would require you to complete a set of dimension forms, which are available to download.

Springing and Damping are controlled by Hagon shocks.

Fine moulded glassfibre mudguard.

Stays and extended brake hoses.

Full fitting instructions.

Fitting available at £275.00

​2 year unlimited mileage guarantee against manufacturing defects.

1 year guarantee for shocks.

​Retention of original wheel, spindle and calipers.

We can supply method of construction and materials should you require this .



All weights and dimensions are approximate.  The Manufacturers reserve the Right to make alterations without prior notice.

Please print and complete the forms below