Hedingham Sidecars Limited

Manufacturers of the Hedingham Sidecar Range and Leading Link Forks


Unit Sidecars was orginally founded in 1978 by Keith Walsh and after a period of hard work, long hours and commitment the Hedingham was produced.  At that time it was known as the Sports Touring Hedingham (ETH), but is now known as the SS (Single Seat).

The intention was to build sidecar outfits that would compliment the most advanced motorcycles of the time. whilst still retaining comfort, handling and most importantly safety.  To achieve this criteria a combination of a beautifully crafted and engineered body and chassis was , using a steel torsion bar to take suspension torque straight to the fittings was produced, making for a rigid, completely safe and maintenance free outfit.  

​Over the years the constant changes to the design and power characteristics of motorcycles meant that Unit SIdecars were constantly busy with development.  The expert understanding of the H Team (Hedingham), enabled Unit Sidecars to bring what was once considered a veteran configuration, to the modern, advanced and eagerly sought after pairing, by enthusiasts worldwide today.

Other models cam along and in 2009 Unit Sidecars was taken over by Broomhill Composities Ltd, and the Hedingham Range lived on.  There was further development to include 7 different models and the famous Leading Link Forks, whilst the best quality products and workmanship continued.

In 2011 Hedingham Sidecars Ltd, was formed as a separate company and was returned to the original factory in Hedingham.  Managing Director Richard Jefferies wanted to give the company its own identity back giving it the recognition the product deserved in the market place.

2013 We moved to larger premises, in Great Yeldham.

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